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About Nirvana
Pieced together from articles, witnesses, books, interviews, police reports, and Tom Grant's notes, these are some of the events describing what happened in Rome, after Kurt's return to Seattle in March, and his last days in April up until the morning he was found dead. Also available in the Aftermath section are a lot of documented events in the weeks and months following April 8th 1994. Sources are quoted and a couple unclear events/speculation is noted. Read them carefully and come to your own conclusion on whether this case should be reopened or not. Be sure to view and listen to the various audio files, scanned documents, photos, and video clips scattered within the timeline. A lot of these open in little windows for easier navigation, so turn off any "pop-up stopper" programs you might have running. This web site is 100% ad free. You'll never be distracted from this important information by unwanted banner or pop-up advertisements.

Below are some names and places that you'll see mentioned a lot in the timeline. Familiarize yourself with them before you begin. More information on most of them, including photos, can be found in the Profiles section.

  • Kurt Cobain - Possible murder victim.
  • Courtney Love - In Los Angeles at the time.
  • Tom Grant - Private Investigator hired by Courtney.
  • Michael DeWitt - Longtime friend of Courtney. Main suspect.
  • Dylan Carlson - Kurt's best friend.
  • Rosemary Carroll - Kurt and Courtney's friend & lawyer.
  • Joe Mama - Long time friend of Courtney.
  • Caitlin Moore - Seattle drug dealer not liked by Courtney.
  • 171 Lake Washington Blvd - The house owned by Kurt and Courtney, to which Kurt returned on 2nd April 1994.
  • The Greenhouse - Space above the garage is where Kurt's body was found.
  • March 7th - 30th
  • Friday April 1st
  • Saturday April 2nd
  • Sunday April 3rd
  • Monday April 4th
  • Tuesday April 5th
  • Wednesday April 6th
  • Thursday April 7th
  • Friday April 8th
  • The Aftermath

  • Tom Grant
  • Frances Barnett
  • Who Killed Kurt

  • Document  Document
    Audio Clip Audio Clip
    Photograph  Photograph
    Video Clip  Video Clip

    The Rome Incident, as well as most of the April 1st - April 8th events in the timeline were researched by Frances Barnett. They originally appeared on her In Defence of Kurt Cobain web site. Be sure to visit that site for more great information about this case.

    The entire Aftermath section is based on Tom Grant's summary of events from his Case Study Manual.

    Additional information was taken from the Who Killed Kurt Cobain? book, radio programs that interviewed Tom Grant, and various magazine and newspaper articles written about this.

    Thanks to everyone who has helped put this site together.

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