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About Nirvana
This section details some of the myths and hoaxes that have been associated with this case over the years. As with any high profile case, wackos will come out of the woodwork to get their 15 minutes of fame. More importantly, some have gotten in the way of getting to the truth of what really happened to Cobain.

A person named Bradley Barnett claims to have talked to Kurt in person near his Lake Washington home in Seattle a couple days before he was found dead. He has been exposed as a liar by Grant and others. In his Case Study Manual, Tom Grant writes: "If you hear about some guy who claims to have interviewed Kurt Cobain in person at the Lake Washington house just days before he was found dead, beware, it simply is not true. I communicated with this jerk through e-mail. Using a pseudonym but eventually identifying himself as "Brad Barnett", he tripped right out of the gate and fell flat on his face. E-mails sent to me by Barnett, along with his postings on the internet, have proven his "interview story" was fabricated." Barnett's story appears on pages 95 and 96 of the Who Killed Kurt Cobain? book. At the end, the authors write: "Although Barnett's story helps bolster Tom Grant's subsequent theory that Kurt was murdered, Grant says he doubts that Barnett met Kurt that day. Barnett, however, has supplied receipts and other evidence confirming he was in Seattle that day, but can provide no witnesses who saw him with Kurt".

There was an error in the 1998 documentary film Kurt & Courtney when director Nick Broomfield finds a British doctor named Colin Brewer to debunk the main point that Kurt could not have picked up the shotgun and shot himself after taking 225 mgs of heroin. This doctor showed slides of a patient standing on one leg who had apparently taken equivalent of over "twice" the amount taken by Kurt. The difference is this patient had taken methadone and not heroin. He also swallowed his dose. Kurt was injected with his heroin. Obviously injecting something directly into your bloodstream will have a more instant effect than swallowing. Also heroin is much stronger, much more toxic and much faster acting than methadone. Amazing that such a mistake made it to the final cut. Broomfield then uses this incorrect information as his reason to discount the murder theory. Tom Grant, who was prepared to drop his investigation if the findings were accurate, contacted the doctor. The doctor conceded that he wasn't licensed to administer heroin, so he could not have duplicated Cobain's dose if he wanted to. Some say that Broomfield realized his mistake later on, Grant also sent him a fax about it. However, the film was already completed and released. The damage had already been done. Tom Grant does not blame Broomfield for the error, even though it is very damaging to the credibility of the murder theory. "This is very complicated science. It's easy to get confused. That's why the police weren't able to pick up on it. You need someone looking at this evidence that has experience with heroin toxicity."

Courtesy of Love & DeathAccording to Tom Grant, the most successful hoax to date is the claim that a martial arts fighter and musician by the name of Allen Wrench killed both Kurt Cobain and Eldon Hoke (aka El Duce). Those pushing this story tried to convince Grant that it was Wrench, but he claims that information he has yet to release on the case proves this to be a hoax.

April 2004 Update: In the new book Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain, Allen Wrench is interviewed. Wallace and Halperin ask "Was Kurt Cobain's death a murder or suicide?". Wrench says "suicide all the way [...] because I'm not going to incriminate myself". (Page 263). Wallace and Halperin seem to conclude that Wrench wanted them to believe he had killed Kurt Cobain and Eldon Hoke to gain notoriety for his band, and because he enjoys that people speculate he was involved. With the release of the book, there were statements from both sides regarding the interview. Wrench's attorney Saul Libowitz said "Mr. Wrench has repeatedly stated that he had no involvement with the assassinating of Kurt Cabain. Allen has long ignored allegations of being the assassin of Kurt Cobain, but in recent days has decided to make a formal statement on that manner." Halperin responded with I respect his statements and position on the matter. I also respect any action Allen Wrench may take against me in the future regarding the release of my latest book: Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain. I also have extensive video footage of my one-on-one interviews with Mr. Wrench, where I personally challenge and question him, face to face, on his involvement with the Cobain murder. This video footage will be released at a later date.

A really disturbing photo, which some pranksters claim is of Kurt taken during his autopsy, has been circulated around the web for some time now. That is not Kurt in that photograph. It's a fact that Kurt's face and head were intact when he was found, since the shotgun was a lightweight Remington 20-gauge. Unfortunately, this was not the case for whoever that is in the gory photograph.

In one of the more ridiculous hoaxes, some reporters falsely claimed that the police found a "Dream Machine" in the Greenhouse with Kurt. Grant believes that when the truth began to surface about the circumstances around Kurt's death, Love concocted the "Dream Machine" story. Then she got a bunch of pawns that called themselves "Friends Understanding Kurt" ("F.U.K") or "Friends Of Kurt" ("F.O.K") depending on who you believe, and sent them out to get publicity for the story, and say that "the machine made him do it".

"Newman said the core of FUK was himself, Love, Love's attorney Celeste Mitchell and other friends of Cobain's, as well as various peripheral members. Love, he explained, played more of a "low-key role." HIGH TIMES' efforts to contact FUK were unsuccessful. Interview requests made through Love's record company, Geffen, and publicity agency, PMK, about this subject were not answered."

A few gullible writers (as seen above) actually fell for this nonsense, and did stories or mentioned it in their articles. Ignore anything you might read about this "Dream Machine" being the cause of Kurt's death.

A theory that pops up every now and then is that Kurt "faked his own death to get away from the public spotlight". These people claim he is hiding out somewhere, waiting to make a big return like Elvis. Sadly, it's safe to say Kurt is really gone. So no, he is not living in Alaska, Puerto Rico, Russia or Courtney's basement.

Variations of the following appears on the internet from time to time: "Evidence has come to light that the lead singer of Nirvana was a relentless foe of the Illuminati, and was killed when he came too close to the truth. In fact he went so far as to name his band after one mentioned in he "Illuminatis!" trilogy, the expose published in the mid seventies Anti-illuminati messages can be found in many Nirvana recordings, including "Smells like Teen Spirit" ("John Dillinger Died for You" can be heard when playing the record backwards)."

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